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As we all know ladders are very dangerous and one of the main causes of death at home and at work, around 70 people die in DIY-related accidents yearly in the UK. Ladders are big killers, they account for 50 deaths yearly.

Working at Height Regulations, which were introduced in 2005 following a European Union directive have meant that most employers have faced up to the realisation that ladders are a big risk when not utilized in a safe and effective manner. Don't risk an individual having such a mishap at your home or property.

In response to this, window cleaners around the world now use a safe and effective Pure Water Reach and Wash system. This system utilizes an extendable boom with a brush and water feed system.

One advantage being that the operator never leaves the ground therefore no risk of any person being severely injured on your property.

Q - How can my windows be clean without using soap and a wiping blade etc??

Quite simply the use of the specialist Pure Water technology in the brush pole system, means that whilst your window glass AND window frames are brushed clean.....the Pure Water will draw away dirt and grime.

Q - But won't it leave marks when it dries?.

The magic of our specially treated water means that the purity of the water is such, that NO RESIDUE is left on the glass upon drying

If you have ever heard that a window cleaner has used a pole system that DID leave marks....then they possibly didn't use properly Purified Water. We test our water constantly to ensure it is the most pure it can be to achieve the results you expect.

Watch these short videos below for more information:

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